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Hey everyone, I am Amanda. Im not European but I really wish I was. I live in America and I think we are the most horrible country in the world and I am waiting until the day I turn 18 so I can move to Norway or Switzerland or somewhere like that. I started to teach myself some russian and dutch so I know a bit of those languages but I am willing to learn whatever. Other than that, I am 16, I live in Florida and I love Harry Potter. Add me =]

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hello from Russia! could I add you?
of course!
Nah really, there are things over here that could be pretty horrible too.
And being used to Florida you'd probably freeze your precious parts off if you ended up here in Norway...

But anyway, you have ecery possibility in the world to learn languages, so go on and don't give up! :)
thanks. The cold I can get used to, and wear lots of layers. It gets about 30 here in winter so Im not a complete stranger to the cold =]

I added you, hope you dont mind.