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hated because of her great qualities....

I'm Indira. I'm 22. I'm European.
An artist, a dreamer, an eccentric.
A freedom lover into human rights.
I live to make art and fashion.
I always like to walk in night city.

This is my journal.
I write about my life, my thoughts.
I post art and photography.

I'm looking for real friends who have something to say.
I'd love to hear from you if you have your own personality and strong ideas.
Add me if you are an artist, an activist, a rebel, or just yourself.

Please do not add me if you write only about your favorite celebrities, make racist comments or just follow the crowd.
It would be stupid and immature to judge me for my mistakes in english,as it's not my native language.

I'd like to read your journal, comment on yours and read your comments on mine.
I'm looking for someone whom I can get to know very well and enjoy an interesting conversation.
I'm looking for real people, I'm looking for you!

Please comment and introduce yourself on my Friends Only entry;)

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